On the request program you will find the date and time of the cages, normally the evening before the inspection. When you arrive at the exhibition space, you must report to the exhibition secretary. There you will receive a cage form on which for each of your animals the identification number (ring number or ear number) and the corresponding cage number are stated. You then place the animals in the correct pen. If you have offered animals for sale at the exhibition, make sure that this animal is placed in the correct cage to prevent unwanted sales of your champion animal!
If an animal was not ready for exhibition due to unforeseen circumstances, you can replace it with an animal of the same breed, color, gender and age. In this case you must adjust the identification number on the cage form so that the secretariat can change this in the catalog. When you have placed the animals in the cages, whether or not under the supervision of a room employee, you return the possibly modified cage form to the exhibition secretary. You can usually leave the transport crates safely under the cages.

In a normal exhibition, no one is allowed in the room during the inspection outside the judges and the people of the organization. As a breeder you can do nothing, wait outside and hope. On a young animal day, on the other hand, the animals are inspected where you are standing. It is therefore very instructive to properly follow how the judge judges your animals and to ask any questions. Certainly as a starting exhibition breeder, try to use such learning moments as much as possible!

The exhibition
The opening hours of the exhibition are also stated on the demand program. As a participating breeder you will receive a free admission ticket, so that you can visit the show unlimited.

The official presentation of the prizes will take place on the last exhibition day. After each prize has been awarded, permission is given to cage the animals. For this you go again to the exhibition secretary, where you will usually receive a cage form. It also shows the cage and identification numbers of your animals, as well as possibly won prizes. Sometimes the prize money is already handed over here, although some associations choose to do this by bank transfer. The copy of the vaccination certificate remains with the association. With this cage form you go to the hall and cage the animals. If no irregularities have been observed when they are unloaded, the participants can leave the room with their animals.