The AFRICAN ORNAMENTAL BREEDERS ASSOCIATION (AOBA) was established on February 17, 2019 as a multiple breed association for exotic ornamental and rare indigenous breeds. The Congo/Belgian founder president, Jean Kiala, along with the Kenyan co-founder Chelelgo Stanley saw that there was a need for an association that preserves native endangered breeds. But also that there was a lack of knowledge of breed standards among breeders of exotic breeds. Many clubs exist in southern and northern Africa, but one was missing for west, central and east Africa. 

AFRICAN ORNAMENTAL BREEDERS ASSOCIATION (AOBA) is a "project" sponsored by the JEAN KIALA FOUNDATION in the DRC and AFRICAN WILDLIFE PROTECTION FUND KENYA (AWPF-Kenya) in Kenya. AWPF-Kenya with OP.218/051/14-0332/9762 is legally responsible.