In order to achieve our mission and actions and to steer them in the right direction, there is a driven team of volunteers who sit on the board of directors. However, the board of directors cannot do this alone and can happily appeal to many enthusiastic volunteers who lend a hand in various ways, ranging from support in the (preparation of) organization of events to support in web events. Between the board of directors and the "loose" employees there are also the enthusiastic members who are committed through the various working groups. The working groups support the board of directors by further analyzing or preparing certain problems, projects, actions, etc. and thus advising the board of directors.

Working groups for African indigenous breeds
  • Ankole cattle working group
  • Basenji dog working group
  • West African Dwarf sheep working group
  • Damara sheep working group
  • Eastern Cape Xhosa Lob Ear goat working group
  • Fayoumi chicken working group
  • Kuri cattle working group
  • Red Maasai sheep working group
  • West African dwarf goat working group
Working groups for Exotic breeds
  • Ayam Serama chicken working group
  • Ayam Kedu Cemani chicken working group 
  • Flemish Giant rabbit working group
  • Malay chicken (South African standard) working group
  • Onagadori chicken working group