CURRENT LIST WITH SPECIES AVAILABLE FROM AMONG OUR MEMBERS. (If you don't see one of your breeds, let us know. We will update regularly.)


  1. Cavy - Guinea pigs
  2. Pigeons
  3. Fowls
  4. Bantams
  5. Rabbits
  6. Domesticated Park and Water Birds
  7. Accepted Wild Park and Water Birds
  8. Recognized Mutants in Wild Park and Water Birds
  9. Pigs
  10. Sheep
  11. Goats
  12. Cattle
  13. Equines
  14. Dogs

  • Bokhara
  • Chinese Owl
  • Danish
  • English Trumpeter 
  • French Mondain
  • German Beauty Homer
  • Giant Hungarian
  • Homer
  • Indian Fantail (3*)
  • Irani Highflyer
  • Jacobin
  • Old Dutch Capuchine
  • Pouter
  • Pomeranian Pouter
  • Riversewing Pouter
  • Satinettes 
  • Trumpeter
  • Appenzeller, Normal ornamental
  • Araucana (including Ameraucana), Oocyan gene breed (blue egg shell)
  • Aseel/Asil-Kuchi, Game breed
  • Australop, Dual-purpose breed
  • Ayam Kedu Cemani, Hyperpigmentation breed
  • Ayam Ketawa (Laughing chicken), Musical breeds
  • Ayam Pelung (Singing / Long crow chicken), Musical breeds
  • Brahma, Large ornamental (former meat-breed)
  • Brakel, Small ornamental layer breed (Silver color)
  • Cream Legbar, Oocyan gene breed (blue egg shell)
  • Fayoumi, Small ornamental layer breed
  • Friese hoen ( Friesian), Small ornamental layer breed
  • Jersey Giant, Large ornamental (former meat-breed)
  • Leghorn, Normal layer breed
  • Malay
  • Marans, Dual-purpose breed
  • Mechelse koekoek (Malines cuckoo), Large ornamental (former meat-breed)
  • Onagadori (Japanese longtail), Critically endangered, expensive breed.
  • Orpington
  • Polish (Hollandse kuifhoen or Padua) (standard version), Small ornamental layer breed
  • Rheinlander, Dual-purpose breed
  • Rhode Island, Normal layer breed
  • Sussex, Dual-purpose breed
  • Wugu-ji (Silkie) (*1)
  • Ayam serama (Malasyian serama)
  • Chabo (Japanese bantam)
  • Hollandse Kriel (Dutch bantam)
  • Peking bantam (booted Peking bantam or dwarf Cochin)
  • Polish (Hollandse kuifhoen or Padua) (bantam version)
  • Wyandotte (dwarf)
  • Flemish Giant
  • Bronze turkey
  • Campbell duck (Khaki & White Campbell)
  • Cayuga duck 
  • Indian Runner duck
  • Mallard duck
  • Muscovy duck
  • Narragansett turkey
  • Pekin duck (American, Jumbo, Normal) (*4)
  • Red Ardennes turkey
  • Ronquières turkey
  • Rouen duck
  • Royal Palm turkey
  • Swedish duck (including blue & black)
  • Sweet Grass turkey
  • Welsh Harlequin duck
  • White Goose - Grey Goose , (*5)
  • African Grey parrot
  • Common quail
  • Egyptian Goose
  • East African crested crane
  • Golden pheasant
  • Helmeted Guineafowl
  • Indian Peafowl
  • Lovebirds parrot
  • Maasai ostrich
  • Northern bobwhite quail
  • Ring-necked pheasant (Common pheasant)
  • Temminck's tragopan
  • Tuxedo button quail 
  • Vulturine Guineafowl
  • White-faced whistling duck
  • Yellow-necked spurfowl (yellow-necked francolin)
  • Brakel (Gold color)
  • Common quail
  • Helmeted Guineafowl
  • Vietnamese Pot-bellied
The following breeds can be seen as commercial or ornamental (rare or endangered).
We accept them as exceptions in our list. But we will only focus on the endangered breeds. ---> (*ALH)
!!! We do not include horses, camels, large cows such as Boran, and European cattle in our list. For this we like to refer you to agricultural organizations. !!!

Exotic commercial breeds

  • Corriedale
  • Dorper (*NDA)
  • Dorset Horn
  • Hampshire Down
  • Merino
  • Romney Marsh

Old African breeds (*ALH)

  • Damara 
  • East African fat tailed type (Menz & Afar wool breeds from Ethiopia)
  • East African fat rumped type
  • Nyanza Fat-tail
  • Persian Blackhead
  • Red Maasai (*ALH) fat tailed hair 
  • West African Dwarf sheep (*WADS) thin tailed hair, Forest type (also Djallonke and in Europe known as Cameroon Dwarf Sheep) 
  • West African Longlegged Sheep (WALLS) Sahelian-Savanna type, (Fulani, Peul, Bali-Bali, Maure,Tuareg, Guinea longlegged, Sahelian, and West African Longlegged) «West Africa»

New developed African (*NDA) and Exotic commercial breeds
  • Anglo Nubian
  • Boer (*NDA) «South Africa»
  • German Alpine
  • Kalahari (*NDA) «South Africa, Namibia»
  • Toggenburg
  • Saanen
  • Savanna (*NDA)

Old African breeds (*ALH)

  • Bauchi type «Nigeria»
  • Bornu White «Nigeria» (The "Buduma" goat of «Chad» appears to be the same variety as the "Bornu White".) 
  • Bornu Red «Nigeria»
  • Kano Brown «Nigeria»
  • Red Sokoto (Maradi) «Nigeria» Synonyms. ("Chèvre rousse de Maradi" in «Niger»)
  • Eastern Cape Xhosa Goat «South Africa»
  • Galla Buck (Borana or Somali goat)sub-types, the Degyir and Degun «East Africa»
  • Kunene (Kaokaland area) «South Africa»
  • Northern Cape Skilder / Speckled Goat «South Africa»
  • Nguni type (Mbuzi) «South Africa»
  • Small East African Goat «East Africa»
  • West African Dwarf goat (*WADG) Forest type «West Africa»
  • West African Longlegged Goats (WALLG) Sahelian-Savanna type (Sahelian & Touareg goat), (Cheèvre bariolée, Fulani, Gorane, Nioro, Niafounké, Sahélienne, Sahel, and West African Longlegged) «West Africa»
  • Ankole (All types; Bahima, Bashi, Kigezi, Kivu, Ruzizi, Toro, Watusi, Inyambo) (*ALH)
  • Small East African Zebu (*Zebu)
  • Abyssinian donkey (Ethiopian donkey)
  • Maasai donkey (*ALH)
  • Shetland pony
  • Somali donkey
14. DOGS
  • Basenji (only entries of DRC, north Rep.Congo, south CAR and south west SoSu will accepted) (*Dogs)


(*1) Silkies should always have black skin. All red combs and white skin are signs of crossbreedings

(*2) KWS breeding license needed (Applies only to Kenyans)

(*3) Please check to which morph class your birds belong.

(*4) Many forms exist. And have been imported to Kenya; "American", "Jumbo"... Mixed birds will be classified as "normal" only.

(*5) There are people claiming they have for.ex 
(Emden goose). The breedstandard in Europe stipulates that the birds need to be "pure white" (grey is not accepted) The weight of the goose should be 9kg and 14kg for the gander. Unfortunately many of these geese do not meet the requirements. And this because of the following reasons. Mutiple West-european geese breeds have been imported in Africa like for.ex the "Emden", "Toulouse", "Pomeranian", "Domestic", "Grey geese", "Chinese knob goose" and the "African knob goose". In almost 99% of the cases they are all mixed. Because of these mixes, we will classify the geese as "domestic geese". No distinction will be made between lump goose or normal, gray or white color.

(*ALH) Old African breeds, African Living Heritage breeds that are endangered and deserve extra attention.

(*NDA) New developed African

(*WADS) West African Dwarf Sheep. The West African Dwarf sheep or Djallonke is a sheep breed from West and Central Africa. In Europe the so called "Cameroon Sheep" is just a brown/blackbelly patern of Djallonke. The western breeders maybe renamed it and regard it as a seperate breed. But they are just a colortype bred strain. In Africa they are generally "White or piebald", "Skewbald", and the "Kirdi type" specially selected to be entire black.

(*WADG) The WEST AFRICAN DWARF goat breed from coastal West and Central Africa is the progenitor of the AFRICAN PYGMY and NIGERIAN DWARF breeds in the United States, as well as the DUTCH DWARF and PYGMY goat breeds in Great Britain. This breed likely evolved in response to conditions of the humid forests of West and Central Africa. A few colonists exported them all around the world and they started to name them differently. For us AOBA they are just WEST AFRICAN DWARF. And thus all goats, semen or embryos from NIGERIAN DWARF, CAMEROON DWARF, DUTCH DWARF, AFRICAN PYGMY, PYGMY imported   and traded amongst our members will be recognized as WEST AFRICAN DWARF.

(*Zebu) Only small breeds accepted. Check list 

(*Dogs) AOBA will ONLY promote African indigenous dogs.