Why rings or marks?

Firstly, exhibited animals must be individually identifiable with a fixed mark for various reasons. For veterinary reasons, pigeons, rabbits and fowl-like animals must be vaccinated against certain diseases (for more information, see 'how to exhibit'). For this, the veterinarian must sign a vaccination certificate on which he or she indicates which animals have been vaccinated. The ring, mark or tattoo serves as proof that the animal is in order with the mandatory vaccine. This individual code also offers a few advantages for enthusiasts. This number can be used in breeding to easily keep track of the pedigree of different animals. It therefore provides extra support for a successful breeding, especially when line breeding must be applied. The individual number of each animal is also noted on each inspection card. So if you buy or sell animals, this number is proof that this inspection card actually belongs to this animal

Please note, a ring or mark says nothing about the qualities of an animal!