In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the AOBA org has further elaborated and revised its Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy applies to all personal data processed by AOBA org.

Everyone who takes up a mandate within the structures of the AOBA org (general meeting, Board of Administration, Provincial circle, Technical committee, delegation to others organizations, editor, judge, etc.), gives explicit permission to enter his personal data in accordance with this privacy policy to process.

1. Responsible
Responsible for the processing of the personal data are the chairman and the secretary of the AOBA org. Their contact information is can be consulted on the website and via it breeder's book.

2. Which data is processed by the AOBA?
2.1. In the context of a mandate to be the following personal data processed and published via the website and the AOBA E-magazine:
a) first and last name
b) address details
c) telephone number and / or e-mail address
d) mandate
2.2. In the context of an application of a breeder's card personal data processed:
a) first and last name
b) address details
c) telephone number and / or email address(optional)
d) date of birth (optional)
(e) details of breeds bred / colors (optional) + the numbers of breeding animals
2.3 In the context of submitting become a search engine through the website the following personal data:
a) first and last name
b) address details
c) telephone number and / or e-mail address

3. For what purpose are these data processed and for how long are they saved?
The AOBA org processes the under point 2 mentioned Personal data for the following purposes:
3.1. The data from 2.1 published to members and third parties to inform about the mandates within our organization and them the possibility to contact us to take with the proxy for issues related to his / her mandate. As soon as the mandate expires the data is deleted from the website and at the next edition also from the breeder's book.
3.2. The data from 2.2 published in the breeders' book and made public to that way everyone interested within and outside the organization. Every applicant
declares himself through a signature on a personal application form expressly agree. Only name and first name + address are always included unless requested by the applicant do not want, in that case there will be none data will be published the address is saved to magazine and to be able to send a breeder's book.
Telephone number and / or email address be included if the applicant specify them on his application form. The same applies to the statement of varieties and colors. This information are only published if it application form also the numbers breeding animals. These numbers are only processed in an absolute anonymous global annual statistic and never published individually or released. The date of birth is only stored for internal statistics on average ages from breeders and never released. Stored mail addresses can be used for mailings inside the organization that benefits the operation come. They are never released to persons or authorities from outside our organization. Breeders can at least no mailings at all times want to receive more through this answer mailings with this request. The processed data is only published once. At re-application of a breeder card they serve again with one signed application form be confirmed so don't they become
3.3. The data from 2.3 only published via the website. After they will be removed for two months.

4. Security measures.
4.1. To protect the personal data has it AOBA org appropriate technical and organizational measures affected.
4.2. The data is only on one secure computer and one external hard drive for which purpose third parties do not have access.

5. Right of inspection, removal and questions
5.1. Via the member administration of the AOBA org ( You can request a request submit to your personal information to see, to receive, to change or remove. The AOBA org will process your request and within one month of receipt inform about this.
5.2. If you want to object against the (further) processing of your personal data as intended in article 2, you can also contact record with the member administration.
5.3. Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be addressed to ours member administration.

6. Changes
This Privacy Policy can be changed. The changes will be announced on the Website.