In order to introduce you to the different varieties, a variety sheet of all tame park and water bird varieties will be shown here over time. However, this sheet will only become available once we have a photo of a breed-typical animal. Is your favorite breed not on it yet and do you have a nice photo? Send it to the webmaster!

Since the list of wild species is very long, no data sheet will be created for these species. For more information, please refer to Avibase.
We do, however, provide you with a list of the species that are permitted at our exhibitions: Wild, Park & ​​Water Birds

Multiple breeds of wild & domestic park and water birds have been recognized by AOBA: turkey breeds, guinea fowl, goose breeds and duck breeds. For the sake of convenience, the Muscovy duck is considered a duck breed, even though it is a different species. The Standard Park and Water Birds Committee is currently preparing a recent version of all varieties and colors. As soon as this is available, you will be able to collect it here (in pdf).

Please always use these correct names for the breed and the color, both when applying for the breeder card and when registering at exhibitions! This prevents a lot of confusion ...