To be allowed to participate in an exhibition, you must meet a number of administrative conditions as a breeder. In the first place you must be a member of AOBA. If you are not yet, please contact us. If you are a member, you can request an official breeder card through AOBA, which is also your AOBA membership card. The application form for the breeder card can be found here both as a pdf. From an administrative point of view, you are now fully in order to participate in exhibitions.

In addition to the breeder, the animals must also be OK. In the first place, they must be provided with an official ring or mark so that individual identification of the animals is possible. For fowls and bantams, pigeons and park and water birds, this is an inexpressible closed foot ring, for guinea pigs an ear clip and for rabbits a tattoo in the ear. Certain wild species of park and water birds must have a nominative ring. All information about ordering the rings can be found on the page about rings and marks.

In addition to an official identification mark, some animal species must be vaccinated against a certain disease in accordance with your local law. Fowls must have been vaccinated against Newcastle Disease or Pseudobird Fever (this is the same disease), rabbits must have been vaccinated against Viral Haemorrhagic Syndrome (RHD) and pigeons must have been vaccinated against Paramyxovirosis. Below you will find the necessary vaccination certificates:
  • Fowl-like vaccination certificate
  • Vaccination certificate rabbits
  • Vaccination certificate pigeons
These vaccinations must be carried out by an official veterinarian who fully fills in the vaccination certificate. Keep in mind that the animals must be vaccinated a few weeks before the show, so that the vaccine can build up sufficient protection before the animal comes out. The message is therefore timely vaccination!
The diseases mentioned above are the only ones an exhibition breeder is obliged to vaccinate against. A breeder can decide to also vaccinate his animals against other diseases, but that is completely without obligation. Although these extra vaccines mean an additional cost, this can ensure that your lofts are not affected by all kinds of diseases, so that you have lower medication costs and lose fewer animals. Sometimes worth considering ...