If you are okay with your breeder card, your animals have been correctly marked and they have received their compulsory vaccine, you can consider taking part in an exhibition. To let the AOBA know that you want to participate with your animals, you must complete the question program. This question program is sent to you, although we also use the extra section of the AOBA E-magazine to distribute their question program to a larger number of enthusiasts. In time, clubs will also be offered the opportunity to offer their demand program digitally via this site, which also makes it easier for the interested exhibitor.
In addition to the preface and some mandatory official formulations, a question program consists of various parts:

  • Place and planning: date and time of cages, inspection, exhibition, sale, withdrawal, award ceremony ...
  • The species of animals that may be registered;
  • The address to which the registration form must be sent and the deadline thereof;
  • The registration fees per animal, the price of the palmares (1 palmares per family required) and the account number to which this must be transferred;
  • The conditions for the sale of animals;
  • The requested inspectors per animal group;
  • The name of the provincial representative and the vet on duty
This is based on the official regulations for exhibitions (pdf).

The following is a list of the various prizes awarded. Their number varies from show to show. Some common types of prizes are:

  • Champion prizes: for each animal group the head jury determines which animal is the best of the show. Often there are several champion prizes that are divided per gender, origin (native or foreign), size (large fowls / bantams or large / medium / small / dwarf in rabbits), umbrella group (often with pigeon breeds) ...
  • Predicate money: for a certain predicate you receive as a breeder a (often symbolic) cash prize that increases as the predicate is higher.
  • Series champions: to promote larger series of the same breed, a minimum number of animals is provided per series. So it can sometimes be interesting to register one or more animals more.
  • Judge prizes: at some shows the judge may award an extra cash prize to his best three animals.
  • Prices of the special club: this usually requires you to be a member of the special club. This can be a prize for the winning animal, but also extra predicate money or a standard amount that is reimbursed per registered animal.
  • Indicative prices: here the breeder must indicate a certain number of animals that he or she thinks will score high. Points are awarded per predicate and the breeders with the highest number of points for the stated number of animals receive an extra prize.
All sorts of sponsors can also award different prizes. At regional, national, international competitions, extra prizes are also awarded by the provincial association or the AOBA respectively.

  • At the end of the request program you will find the registration form, which is structured in the following way:
  • Personal data such as name, address, telephone number ...
  • Breeder card number and the club of which you are a member;
  • A table in which you must enter all desired animals per animal group, breed, color, gender (Male or Female) and age (Young or Overyear). The identification number of the animal in question is also desirable, although this can be replaced by another animal of the same breed, color, sex and age when it is being folded. You can also indicate the selling price of that specific animal.
  • The price calculation, where you enter the number of desired palm trees and the number of registered animals, as well as the total price
  • Date and signature

You send the fully completed registration form signed, together with a copy of the vaccination certificate. When you have transferred the registration fee, you can start preparing for the show.