Just as with other animals, the same applies to guinea pigs: the larger the cage, the better. A guinea pig needs at least 80 x 40 cm and for each additional guinea pig you add about 20 cm, for bears preferably more spacious. A sufficiently large pen avoids stress for the animals and there will be less aggression among the animals.

Much also depends on how much time the guinea pigs have to spend in their cages. If they get the space to walk around the house or in a run, less space is needed than for an animal that always stays in its cage.

The loft must of course be kept clean. As a bottom material you can use a layer of wood shavings or aubiosis. The loft is best placed in a draft-free place, without too much sun or heat (eg not next to the heating).

In the wild, guinea pigs live in burrows, so also provide opportunities for your guinea pig to hide.