• Does AOBA sell hatching eggs, chicks, young rabbits, piglets, lambs, calfs?
Nope, never ever. We do not breed for commercial purpose. Our goal is to improve and to preserve. To breed quality and not mess. And the only way to do this is by letting animals mature , grading and hard culling. How else can you select in your breeding program if you always take away youngsters and do not know how the look like mature animals? 
  • Does AOBA sell female animals?
Rarely. Not in 99% of the cases. The reason for this is very simple. It will encourage the buyer to search elsewhere to form couples. If you don't find it or find it difficult elsewhere ... that's not our problem. We usually do not sell couples or female animals because we 1) do not want competition from our own bloodlines. , 2) we want to encourage you to create bloodlines yourself. And not to harm the name of ours. and 3) want to avoid inbreeding.
  • Why are the animals offered by AOBA pricy? And can we bargain?
There are always people who don't do enough research and want everything cheap.  We don't care about affordability. There is no need for us to provide everyone with animals. There is not even a need for us to sell them. What we do not get sold, we can trade or slaughter after one year. The price goes up depending on its availability, demand, breeding costs (feeding, vets...), import costs (sourcing, veterinary checks, export permits, transport shipping costs, import permits, custom service clearance, quarantine), bloodline, age, color morphs, rarity, endangered species... Bargaining makes no sense. If you can't afford it, just skip.
  • Why does AOBA only sell to members and this only at an auction?
Today, people are specialists in wasting time. We do not have time to end long fruitless conversations. And we also do not make reservations on animals, with the result that people do not show up. Serious people find their way to the auctions. 
  • I want to buy an animal from a breeder. Can I send a photo so that you can judge the animal for me?​​​​​​​
In order not to start conflicts among breeders, we do not address this question. The only time we are going to judge animals is unnanely at an AOBA exhibition show.

    More FAQs will be posted here in the future. But these are currently the most frequently asked questions.