As an organization for breeders of "Exotic & Rare Indigenous Farmyard Animals", it is of course important to pay the necessary attention to our farm animals and everything that comes with it. In the first place, it is important that everyone has access to sufficient correct information to care for the animals in the right way. The 'keeping of farmyard animals' section deals with the most important points of attention in various areas per animal group.
Through years of, even centuries of selection, hundreds of varieties have emerged all over the world, each with their own specific appearance and characteristics. Under 'breeds' a complete overview is given per animal group of the breeds of farmed animals recognized by AOBA. A variety sheet is prepared for each variety with the most important information and, if possible, a race-typical photo. As this list is very long and the information about some varieties is very difficult to find, it is possible that certain varieties are not yet online and we thank you in advance for your patience. Can you help us further with info or a race-typical photo? Please communicate this to the webmaster. Every animal that is shown at an exhibition must wear an official ring or mark so that individual identification is possible. Under 'rings and marks' it is explained what the advantages are, what the different letters, numbers and colors mean and how you can order rings or marks.
The AOBA naturally also wants to contribute to the distribution of purebred animals. Via 'supply and demand' we offer private individuals the opportunity to place an ad through an online registration form for everything related to our hobby: animals, but also transport boxes, exhibition cages or other objects that are related to our hobby.​​​​​​​