The numerous questions indicate that there is a need for more explanation about exhibiting farm animals and everything that comes with it. With this totally new section on our website we hope to meet this! In the submenu you will find some general information about exhibitions as well as the necessary practical tips about what you need to participate in exhibitions and how this all works. All this is explained step by step and also bundles the required forms. The majority of the associations organize an annual exhibition. In the calendar you can find what takes place on which day. You can consult the full exhibition calendar under 'upcoming events'. Please note, adjustments are sometimes made to the calendar. Always check that you have the most recent version via the date at the bottom of each sheet.
Under 'judges' you will find more information about the ladies and gentlemen who are officially authorized to judge at our exhibitions. Who are they, what do they do and / or what are they allowed to do and most importantly: what does that certification card mean? There is also a separate section for the associations, where they can find all the necessary information, rules and forms that are needed when organizing their exhibition.