We have big plans with AOBA. Our goal is to organize regional and national championships from 2020. From the moment we have 1000 members and at least 10 animals per breed & per sex, we can start talking about organizing this exhibition. AOBA president Jean Kiala has a very large network of renowned judges worldwide (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, USA, UK, South Africa and Indonesia). There is a lot of potential, we can become the biggest and the best on the African continent. Lets rise the bar! The Jean Kiala Foundation is willing to sponsor for the purchase of showcages. Everything depends on the members!​​​​​​​ This American company can supply us with the cages. It is only a matter of sending it in a shipping seacontainer. 

Our plan is to organize regional and national championship expos in the following countries.

  • Point-Noire, Rep.Congo (National Expo)
  • Kisantu, DRC (Regional mini Expo)
  • Lubumbashi, DRC (Regional mini Expo)
  • Lusaka, Zambia (National Expo)
  • Kampala, Uganda (National Expo)
  • Kigali, Rwanda (National Expo)
  • Kabarnet, Kenya (Regional mini Expo)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (National + International Expo)
  • Arusha, Tanzania (National Expo)
The expos will offer aficionados a chance to check not just on different breeds, bloodlines but also on prices and sharing expertise.

At the end of every season we will add the points. The winners with the most points in a breed group will then be announced as African Champion, Breeder of the Year Award, Best animal of the year,...

Cost prices (Please calculate in your own national currency.)

Entrance visitors (adults) $10USD
Entrance visitors (-18) $5USD
Entrance for family (max 5 free entrance bracelets "by name") / AOBA participant

Show entry / bird - (small birds) $1,5USD, (pigeon) $2,5USD, (large parrot) $3,5USD
Show entry / game birds - (quail) $2USD, (pheasant, guinea fowl) $3USD
Show entry / chicken and ducks $3USD
Show entry / goose, swan, turkey, peafowl) $5USD
Show entry / rodents - (Guinea pig) $2USD, (rabbit) $3USD
Show entry / goat, sheep and pig $10USD
Show entry / cattle $15USD