In addition, you can also register as a "AOBA REPUTABLE BREEDER". Breeders registration onetime fee cost $50USD. Reputable breeders receive free advertising in our E-magazines and on our website. Reputable breeders receive an unexpected visit from AOBA officials several times a year. In the event of infringements, you lose your status without recovery.

To qualify as an "AOBA REPUTABLE BREEDER" you must meet strict conditions;

  • No peddlers or brood mills. (Most breeders in Africa only breed for money. Breeding, breeding, breeding. And selling, selling, selling. A lot of quantity at the expense of quality. Far too much junk is being sold. Animals that should actually be culled.) 
  • Proper breedstandard. (Animals produced by a breeder must be conform to the specifics of the standardized breed.)
  • Complete vet follow-up, bookkeeping. (Prove of vaccination not within most of farmers calendar. Lack of keeping proper records too. This is worrying and explains why we often see sick animals for sale. Should be a normal thing. A breeder should always give a proof towards the potential buyer that his/hers animals are healthy.)
  • Proper housing. (Proper housing does not only mean "dry and sheltered". But also the right enough perches, clean drinking water, enough food, drainage of urine, no excrement where the animal is sleeping. And no overcrowding in your population.)
  • Free range (Free range does not only mean "walking free". But also enough green like grasses and weeds. No bare-eating mud or dust field. And no overcrowding in your population.)
  • Clear identification of animals. (All animals must have a either an ear tag, leg ring, tattoo or microchip.)
If you as a buyer end up at a breeder where red flags are raised at these dots. Then we advise you to think again.