New Team
AOBA is a new organization that is growing. We are looking for volunteers who want to complete our team. From regional representatives, veterinarians, reputable breeders, transporters, judges, studbook experts ... Feel free to contact us via social media or email.
Our Team
Jean Kiala - International President /Chairman of the board
Founding member & Confirmation judge
DRC (Wene Wa Kongo) representative.
Jean Kiala is a philantropreneur of Belgian (Flemish) & Congolese (MuKongo) origin. He is a horticulturist, livestock & game breeder, dog breeder, park ranger and forester. He developed new breeds. And has a preference for rare African breeds. But he is also a breeder of many European breeds such as Belgian "Flemish Giant Rabbit", Red Ardennes and Ronquières turkey, Ayam Cemani chickens, Brahma chickens, Malay chickens, Onagadori chickens... He is a member of several clubs worldwide.
Stanley Chelelgo - Secretary/Treasurer
Founding member
Kenya (Baringo county) representative.
Stanley Chelelgo is a National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) lead expert and co-founder of the AOBA. As an environmental consultant he is very active in his home county Baringo in Kenya. He is active in community development and youth empowerment with his non-profit organisation AFRICAN WILDLIFE PROTECTION FUND KENYA. He has an interest in regional types of indigenous goats. 

We are looking for volunteer representatives. Want to join our team?